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Business and Marketing Plan    
Outline and Guide ©

  A Guide to the Strategic and Promotional Planning Process and for beginning
the formal written Business and Marketing Plan

One of the interesting things I have found when working with companies is that they do not know how to format a Business and Marketing plan. Hence, no comprehensive business and marketing document.  Instead, most companies have pieces of a plan scattered throughout the company. This tends to be divisive. Each part of the company builds its own strategies and plans. Instead of an integrated plan that keeps everyone on the same page. If companies communicate their departmental plans that can be helpful. But It takes more than just communicating: it takes understanding. If one department does not understand what the other is trying to accomplish you can wind up with a company that is working against itself. While the planning and documentation process is involved the following guide can be helpful as an outline of what needs to be done.

 I.      Statement of Purpose

Contains the companies goals and objectives as well as the purpose of the plan

 II.      The Business

Overview – General Description
Pricing Strategies
Place - Distribution Strategies and Channels
Target Markets
Management and Personnel Structure
Organization of Operations
Financial Information
   Historical Financial Reports, Balance Sheet,
   Income statement, Capital Equipment,
   Breakeven analysis, Income Projections,
   Pro-Forma Cash Flow

 III.     The Message

10 Key Words
 The 30 Second Message
Scripts, Ads, PR, Direct Mail Items, Sales Presentations etc.

 IV.    The Promotional Plan

Telemarketing / Telesales
   Customer Service effort
   Sales effort
Direct mail
Public Relations
   Customer Service
Collateral Items
These are tangible non-personnel items that support the marketing effort

V.    External Forces

        A. Competition
        B. The Industry and Trends
        C. Economic Environment


 Copyright © 1999, 2000, 2001 Herbert J. Clifford


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