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Integrated Direct Marketing Programs... can help you build market share - even in this economy.  This market is an opportunity for business to business companies to position themselves for increased market share and sales Click for full article

Strategic Thinking and Planning for Growth...

Strategic Planning is as much an art form as a discipline.  Setting the stage for people to think outside the box without falling into a black hole - and giving those individuals the confidence and the comfort level to bring out their best performance takes a master facilitators skills.  Companies looking for a fresh approach and to refocus their efforts can benefit from the strategic review and planning process.
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Business Grants Programs Provide Companies a Marketing Edge...
In 1998, Massachusetts initiated a new Grants program to assist small and medium sized businesses to become more competitive.  The program is funded by Massachusetts employers and can be used for marketing, management, ISO 9000 and other quality related issues.  Grants are awarded on a competitive basis and can be applied for twice a year.  They range $5,000 to $25,000 for technical assistance and up to $250,000 for training.  For more information about how to make your workforce training contribution work for you contact us at (781) 337-1393.

ISO 9000 - The Marketing Edge Seal of Approval...
Authors: John Martin, Martin Associates Business Consulting Group and Herb Clifford, Clifford Marketing 
By clicking below you can access this article in our Business Library.  While the article was written in 1994 for the 128 News, much of its content and information remain relevant to this day.  In fact, because of the strong marketing and sales edge that ISO Certification provides businesses, the Massachusetts Grants Program has awarded revenues to numerous companies to obtain ISO Certification. For more information about about the States grant program,  contact us at (781) 337-1393.
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Business and Marketing Plan    
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Ad Specialties
Sales Personnel Drive Business Development with Custom Imprinted Promotional Products. 

There are many good reasons to add custom imprinted promotional products to your sales and marketing plan and sales personnel clearly understand the benefits.
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How many times have you attended a small business conference only to find the large corporations making all the presentations and promoting their services without a clue as to the real  needs of your business. 
Our mission is to identify those characteristics unique to small business and to develop a medium and a message that encourages growth and profitability
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