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Strategic Thinking and Planning for Growth

Strategic Planning is as much an art form as a discipline.  Setting the stage for people to think outside the box while not falling into a black hole - and giving those individuals the confidence and the comfort level to bring out their best performance takes a master facilitators skills.  Companies looking for a fresh approach and to refocus their efforts can benefit from the strategic review and planning process. Click for further information

 Clifford Marketing in conjunction with Martin Associates Business Consulting Group offers a 2-day seminar that can be done off site or at your facility. 

 Geared specifically to address a company’s growth, the seminar takes you through a S.W.O.T. analysis. It evaluates strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It can be applied on various company levels from top executives to management and staff teams. Most important, it provides an opportunity to develop new ideas, strategies and to begin the planning process in a structured environment.

 While your company’s objectives will shape the final program’s content the following outline depicts some of the issues that are addressed in this 2-day seminar.

Overview of Strategic Thinking

What it is.

Why it is market driven

Why it is critical for success.


The Steps of Strategic Planning

The ground rules for cooperative ventures

How to develop a suitable mission statement.

            Creating Synergy


Industry and Competitive Analysis

How to determine who has the competitive advantage and why.

Critical Work Process

Why it is important to have in-depth knowledge of how your    company operates.

How to formulate and communicate a work process statement.

Understanding Your Corporate Future

How to use strategic thinking and long-range planning to survive, grow and profit.

 A Model for Strategic Thinking

The key tasks and processes necessary for formulating strategic action plans.  Identify and address those issues that will provide a competitive advantage and promote growth and profitability.

Outlining the model for implementation

             What kind of company are you?

                        Product, Sales or Marketing

             The New Marketing

  • Direct

  • Integrated

  • Optimized



If you would like more information contact Herb Clifford at Clifford Marketing 781-337-1393



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